Traveling with Kids

My first time traveling with both my boys.  I have always been known in the family for overpacking or carrying too much even in my diaper bag on a daily basis.  Based on past experience always needing that one thing I forget to pack has made me so conscious that I always prepare for the worst. Here are my essentials for packing my diaper bag with my two under two, Ray and JJ.

10 Diaper Bag Essentials for Long trips

  1. Medicine kit for each kid, which includes:
    • Tylenol/Motrin (With Dropper)
    • Thermometer
    • Nose Aspirator
    • Saline
  2. Two Outfits for both children- It’s a long trip so spills and spit ups are meant to happen
  3. Bottles/Sippy Cup
  4. Snacks – Cookies and Plum organic toddler squeeze packets
  5. Bottled water- for baby formula and its the best thirst quencher for your toddler
  6. Book/Toy –Entertainment is important I have learned in long flights
  7. Binkie for the baby (A MUST! We got pretty lucky as my first born Ray stopped taking the binkie on his own at 9 months- but is still hooked to his bottle)
  8. Diapers- I have some moms that say 3 is enough but you just never know when your child decides to have a poopfest so I usually like to keep at least 5 if not more.
  9. Wipes – Lots of these!
  10. Johnsons Hand & Face Wipes: These are amazing. I have never been a fan of hand sanitizer especially for kids so little I personally just don’t get the feel that germs are killed but with these wipes I get a sense of cleanliness because I see the dirt and grime come off of my toddlers hands when he’s been rolling all over the floors.

There are so many other little things that are necessary but these 10 are must-haves for me.  What do you consider key items to keep in your diaper bag? Feel free to share in the comments below.

After the coldest and longest snowy winter I’m wishing you all a warm and sunny Spring Break!



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