Empire State of Mind

A week in New York with my boys and hubby was an experience indeed.  We had a wonderful time enjoying the city life but our time in New York made us more fonder of our country life here in Idaho.

We stayed at The Row right in midtown. The Row is a beautiful boutique hotel with a very energetic vibe.  It is here where we learned that in New York City everything is extremely cramped and New Yorkers know how to efficiently use tiny spaces.  We requested for a queen room and what was queen in the hotels books seemed more like a full to us and the size of the room was basically the size of our bathroom in our home.  We squeezed our luggage and both kids in the room, and a requested crib as well.  Basically we had no space to step on the floor in the room and the fact that the hubby is claustrophobic did not help. But we made it through the night. On the flip side the room did have nice views of Time Square.  The next morning the hotels service and a phone call to american express concierge lead us to the king size room which was much more spacious and accommodating for us and our kids.

The Hotel did have wonderful dining to offer. We got really lucky on that end and had City Kitchen just a couple floors down from our hotel room. Which offered a wide variety of options from gyros, tacos, sushi, and killer donuts from The Dough. This place worked out perfect cause a week in New York meant lots of hustle with the kids and quick bites we had to grab and go!

In a city that has so much to offer sometimes the choices overwhelm you so it’s nice to have a variety of options close by especially when you’ve got kids to haul no matter where you go, each trip out means a battle to buckle in the stroller.

Overall it was a fantastic trip the weather was chillier than we had anticipated but we made the most of it!

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