4 Holiday Outfits (On A Budget)

I LOVE new clothes! I’m not much of a bags and shoes fanatic, but clothes- I could buy new clothes everyday! As a kid I’d dream of what life would be like if I lived in a mall. I’d fantasize of all the options I’d have of an outfit to wear each day let alone the perfect fit. If you’re like me and love to shop for clothes then you’re a woman after my own heart my dear! And you’ve come to the perfect place, my blog.

Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth, Nordstrom…I LOVE! However for every time I think of these stores I hear my husbands voice inside my head echoing ‘budget, budget, budget’ if you can relate just take a deep breadth and enjoy this post because you’re not alone.

As blessed as I am to be living in the beautiful state of Idaho I have to admit in southeast Idaho we don’t have many options for shopping. There’s a derelict mall within a 10 mile radius which includes shops such as Claire’s, Fanzz, and C-A-L Ranch. I have two boys so Claire’s isn’t exactly where you’d find me, I’m not a sports junky so I could care less about the Seahawks jersey’s, and although I claim to be Idahoan I have yet to find my hunting roots so I can make the most of the C-A-L Ranch store! Besides its malls and shopping plaza’s southeast Idaho sure has a lot to offer. This works well in my hubby’s favor when I don’t resort to online shopping or force him to trips to Salt Lake City or Las Vegas for my ultimate shopping sprees I enjoy online shopping or the beauty of what I like to call BUDGET shopping at our local TJMaxx!

Since we just went through the storm of Black Friday and Cyber Monday I’m sure many of you scored amazing deals. I’ve learned that I can own many pieces of clothing and have a closet filled with clothes it’s the outfit ideas I can sometimes not put together. I’ll usually text my teenage nieces and ask if it’s a yay or a Nay for my current outfit so in this blogging journey I’ll compile inspirational outfit ideas for you that can be bought on a budget. With the holidays coming up I’ve put together four fun looks to try for holiday season with details of where each item can be found attached.


I am all about comfort when it comes to shoes and clothing and one of the reasons you’ll find me in sweats or workout clothes most the time (how much working out I’ve been getting done in the clothes lately…not so much!) This outfit is warm and comfortable.  The red sweater was bought from TJMaxx it’s an American Eagle sweater originally priced at $44.95 but found at TJMaxx for $16.99.  The black leggings are White House Black Market priced at $18.50. Although pricey leggings are something I consider a staple item (keep reading to learn about my tip on staple items!) And the white skirt is an old skirt I’ve had but a similar skirt is available at White House Black Market for $89. The Booties are Toms, so comfortable! This outfit is perfect for a christmas dinner or work holiday party. Nothing says festive like a red sweater this time of year.


No holiday season is complete without a fun Ugly Sweater Party! One being hosted by my very own sister this weekend I plan to wear this outfit!  This sweater was found at TJMaxx for $16.99.  Since this sweater is more than likely only going to be worn once don’t spend too much on it.  Best bet is TJMaxx or Ross unless you’re creative and have time you should wear a DIY sweater. The denim also a staple item in my closet are from the brand Paige.


I love me some Polka Dots! This sweater was spotted in TJMaxx for $24.99.  The red denim are Hudson’s they can be found at Nordstrom.  I bought the Hudson’s last year on sale for $90 and thats a great deal for the Hudson brand. This is a perfect outfit for a holiday party. The shoes Sam Edelman are butter soft; from a gal that hates wearing heals these are so comfortable and soft I can wear them all day.  Sam Edelman brand never disappoints!


Just a chill time by the Christmas Tree or a trip to the mall for some holiday shopping calls for a pair of denim and a simple black shirt.  My favorite soft and sheer black top is the Trouvé brand that can be found in Nordstrom at a price of $50.  A top just as soft as my Trouvé top I found at TJMaxx from a brand called Glitz.  This denim and top paired with my all time favorite Adidas Stan Smiths.  I consider my Stan Smiths basically my mommy shoes.  I wear these most the time when I run errands with the boys around town.

Here’s my staple item tip: if it’s a staple item such as a leather jacket, cardigan, denim, etc. it’s always smart to invest in the better brands that will last you longer. Consider it a positive one time purchase or investment. But if it’s an ordinary t-shirt, blouse, sweater, etc. I’d take the time to search in department stores like Tjmaxx, Ross, Macy’s and local boutiques. A good boutique I came across when I lived in New Jersey was Francesca’s and one my niece has been raving about that’s based in California is Alternative.  Alternative has the softest sweats and t-shirts perfect for that mommy-life.

This time of the year is the most fun to shop because of the holiday spirit all around. Let me know if you score some deals at any stores.  Enjoy your holiday shopping, lovelies!


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