The Balayage Hair

I grew up very sheltered; school dances, sleepovers at a friends, late night hangouts were a very clear no. My parents and their rules were pretty black or white there was no grey area and that basically left not much room for discussion or negotiations. Most the time it was the same for all five of us girls growing up. My sisters all started doing makeup right around high school but that was when they got engaged too. The rules kind of softened with me and I remember the first time I got to buy my first drug store mascara. It was at CVS pharmacy a L’Oréal volume inducing mascara and my dad made it pretty clear he didn’t want me wearing it to school as an eighth grader so I’d sneak the mascara to school with me and right before the bell rang for homeroom I’d run to the bathroom and apply the mascara on most days it was choppy (practice makes perfect, I guess).

When I was starting high school I had a team of sisters vouching for me and they convinced my mother and father to loosen up a bit and let me wear a little makeup. Dad was always a softy when it came to ground rules for me but mom was a tough tigress! We managed to make her budge a little too and I finally had the clear to live a little and get to wear makeup to high school. Over time I learned the do’s and don’ts of makeup however even today I struggle with my eye-liner, gosh! It’s just never even! Or as my sister says… it never makes it all the way to the end of the eyelid.

This brings me to my hair, so a bit on the simplicity end I never dyed my hair or did any sort of color growing up. When I turned 30 I decided I had to bring a change into my life, a drastic change! Now with no parental rules, as a wife and mother of two I went ahead and colored my hair. I’ve always been on the sensitive end with my hair. As a kid my parents would have me get a bob cut and kept their life easy but scarred me for life by giving me boy haircuts! So going to my amazing hair dresser right here in southeast Idaho at Fringe hair Salon I was very nervous! From the moment I decided I wanted a change I started texting my talented hair stylist Heather Judd pictures giving her ideas of what I was looking for and at last I made the appointment for the big day!

Heather confidently welcomed me into the salon that morning. I was a nervous wreck, but she gave me so much confidence and told me to just let her start doing her magic. She refused to let me see the mirrors through the process which was probably best. But we started with the bleaching, the foiling, and then the toning and ended up with this beautiful balayage hair color. What a process it was but I left the Salon feeling confident, beautiful, and most importantly a sexy mama of two boys.


Why Balayage has worked out best for me…
As a busy mama from the moment I wake up to the moment I get the kids to bed I am hustling. Toddler boys both two and under give you a run almost all day. Between diaper changes, potty training, naps, and all the entertainment in between it’s hard to spend time making my hair most days. I needed a style I could just whip up right after a shower and Balayage did just that for me. I naturally have super straight hair so I don’t have to use a blow dryer or straightener. With the balayage the hair left open makes me look and feel youthful. If and when tied in a ponytail or messy bun it adds a little character to the hair. It was a perfect fit for a busy mama like myself.


Heather at Fringe is a super talented hair stylist with a passion for purple and all things pretty! I had the opportunity to connect with her and get an idea of a few of the products she used in my hair…

For the highlights joico freeplay, VeroChrome, ColorProof Hair, Olivia Gardenint, for additional details I’d connect with her directly if you’re in the southeast Idaho region!

The shampoo and conditioner I have been using are the Theorie Amber Rose Hydrating shampoo and conditioner. This shampoo and conditioner make my hair smell amazing! My hair feels lighter, smoother, and silkier. This product doesn’t damage or change the hair color either. It’s a must try if you color your hair. I realized that coloring your hair does make it a little dry from the chemicals but this shampoo really helps to keep the hair healthy and maintain the smoothness.

I’d love to hear some of your hair coloring stories and dilemmas and what products you use for your hair! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!



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