The Diaper Bag Dilemma.

Three months into my first pregnancy when the first trimester was over and I had started feeling the flutters of the little human inside of me the reality of motherhood was starting to kick in and being the shopaholic that I am I finally started to plan out the little details of the things I wanted to buy. I told my husband I wanted to get the best stylish diaper bag. My diaper bag would be part of my momiform. For starters just in the first year of parenthood I went through three diaper bags until I found the perfect match for me. I went from a designer Kate Spade fancy diaper bag, to Longchamp large tote, and then finally the gold star winner was my skip hop forma diaper bag.

On a side note, life’s little miracles were also the reason for my diaper bag dilemma halfway through the first year of parenthood. About six months into my postpartum we got a little surprise that our little JJ was on the way. And that definitely changed my diaper bag planning. I got overwhelmed just thinking about everything I would need to carry considering the maniac that I am and I love to over pack and be over prepared. And with two under the age of two I was almost certain there were going to be lots of spit-ups, spills, diaper blowouts, and of course double the amount of bottles and binkies to carry.

Here’s a review of the diaper bags and why I think the SkipHop Forma Diaper Bag was the best option for me.


1.) Kate Spade Kennedy Park Neko Bag

Price then: $99 Price now on sale: $75

Initially I bought this over the shoulder strap bag because I thought handling the baby I would want to keep a bag that is hands free and it would be more convenient but the weight of it actually became a bother to me on my shoulders when I would have to carry the baby as well. Also, if I was on trip out with the baby alone I would carry the baby in my ergo baby carrier and carrying the diaper bag also on my shoulders was not very comfortable. The button closure was definitely not convenient because items would constantly fall out of the sides like bottles and things. I wasn’t able to fit all my items in the bag and there were no compartments and as a new mom you need compartments; when the baby is crying nobody got time to fiddle through a diaper bag!! Convenience was lacking with this beautiful designer bag. I went all the way to New York City from Pocatello, Idaho with it.

2.) Longchamps Large Tote

Price- $145

The size of this bag was very convenient. I was able to fit all my essentials in there from extra set of clothes, bottles, formula, etc. But it lacked compartments and that was tough to pass. I started using ziplock bags to store some items to help organize the bag but that did not work out too well. If I had to leave the baby with my mom or with my sister they would have to fiddle through the bag to find items and I noticed myself doing that as well. If the baby cried for milk or anything as a new mom my anxiety would kick in I’d try to rush and I kept finding myself more unorganized, which led to more frustration.

They say third times a charm! This was the perfect diaper bag for me that I am still using with my boys…

3.) SkipHop Forma Diaper Bag

Price- $70

It comes in two styles the backpack style and over the shoulder. My preference was over the shoulder because with two babies even though my heart was full my hands were even fuller. I didn’t want to keep any additional item on my back or extra weight on me. The beauty of this bag is the many compartments and the two separate bags that come with it, a mesh bag for extra clothes and an insulated bag for snacks or milk storage, there was also bottle storage on the side of the bag for two bottles which is very convenient. The material on the bag has been easy to keep clean. Most drips and stains are just wiped off and it is easily cleaned even in your washing machine. It’s a pretty looking bag too and doesn’t really give a feel of a diaper bag yet it has all the essential qualities for a useful diaper bag.


That was my little review of three bags I tried and tested. Happy shopping to you new mommies and to those just searching for a change in your diaper bag! Let me know your experience with diaper bags and which ones work best for you!


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