New Spectacles.

It’s been four years since I got a new pair of glasses. The only thing holding me back besides the overpriced frames with prescription was the hassle of hauling the kids or finding the perfectly symmetrical frame for my face that had to be trendy as well. In order to get the frame I’d be wearing very often I’d have to spend a lot of time in different stores that offer frames or take the risk of ordering frames online and sending them back if I didn’t like them. Both tasks very challenging and time consuming for a mommy of two.
Luckily, I have a niece that intruded me to Warby Parker. And after having my niece, brother-in-law, and sister order their frames from Warby Parker I was convinced I had to try their service. I absolutely loved it! The concept, the service, the effective delivery time, the user-friendly website, the simplicity, the style, the variety of options, and most importantly the convenience.
Here’s how the service works. You go onto the Warby Parker website, you take a quick quiz which asks you very simple questions about your gender, fit, preferable shape of frame, color, material, and time from your last eye exam. Instantly the site leads you to a page that brings results based off of your answers for a batch of frames. You select five frames of your liking that will be shipped to you at no cost. You typically get the box within 5-7 business days. You try on the selected frames and if theirs a frame suitable to your style you go back on their website and purchase it including an uploaded image of your prescription.
My package of frames was delayed in the post mail and I had to call their customer service to see what happened. It was a weather related issue that caused a delay of one day from the promised delivery date. But when I called their customer service it was immediately answered by a person and not some automated system. The lady immediately searched my package and was very apologetic about the delay. She gave me all the details of the USPS shipment and assured me that the package would be delivered the next day, and it was, as promised. The service was exceptional!
The style of the frames was very trendy and durable. And I could try them on from the comfort of my own home with no pressure to make a rushed decision to purchase a pair. I had five days to try them on which I used and asked my sisters for their opinions. And now I have a new pair of glasses I love to wear! The best part of all of this is that they only cost $95. This included a brand new frame with prescription. Definitely worth the price paid!
So if you’re looking for a speedy, convenient, and cost efficient option to buy glasses online I recommend checking out Warby Parker!

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