Mid-year Reflections

It’s been a busy week. With a lot of family back in town from summer travels and doctor appointments we’ve been pulling through this week. And this Idaho heat has not been helping. It’s Sunday and I’ve finally found a moment to escape the madness for a moment to breathe and share some thoughts.

We’re a little over half way through 2018, which brings me to reflecting on my yearly goals I set forth back in January. This reflection is important to me because it gives me a moment to make sure I’m not just setting goals and forgetting them.

Here are five of my goals I’d like to reflect back on because let’s be honest I fell behind in the midst of all the other craziness that comes with motherhood:

1.) Reading: I’d like to read more, at least finish one book a month. I start reading these amazing books and then I stop in the middle and the book remains on my nightstand for weeks. I’d love to share what I’ve been reading too with you all and I love a good book recommendation anytime! I’m currently in the process of finishing “Love in the time of Cholera” by Gabriel Garcia Martinez; this is a beautiful love story by an exceptional author.

2.) Writing: I’d like to write more often on here. Writing helps me to unwind and just get my thoughts organized. It relaxes me and gives me time to think my thoughts without any distraction. Keep an eye out for more frequent posts and ramblings from me!

3.) Time-Management: I’d like to get more organized with my time. With two very active toddler boys my days get hectic. I’d like to maintain a better routine for them. Which has been a challenge with the days being long. The sun sets around 9pm here in southeast Idaho (not in my favor when it’s bedtime) when I start my kids’ bedtime routine with a bath at 7 and I have them go to bed by 8 my two year old says “Mama its not bedtime yet, morning outside…you see” and then pushes the curtains aside and reassures it’s still day time.

4.) Cooking: I’d like to cook more often. I’m so blessed to have my amazing mother-in-law with us. On most days she takes up the kitchen and she’ll spice up some amazing meal when she’s home with us! My in-laws travel throughout the year between New York and California. So for the months I’m blessed to have them home I take advantage of all the help they do offer, from my mother-in-laws scrumptious meals to my father-in-laws precious time he gives to my boys which gives me a chance to escape for a kid-free run or coffee!!! But I’d like to get more creative with my cooking! So folks I’m open to some yummy recipes send them my way!!!

5.) Exercise: I’d like to create a solid exercise routine- this one is a tricky one! I was super motivated in the beginning of the year. I got my exercise fix and was going in a routine and then life happened and I slacked off. Tried to pick up again earlier in the spring I hired a trainer it just didn’t work for me. The trainer gave me some helpful tips on my form and different exercises but I just wasn’t able to upkeep! My goal is to at least get back into running three times a week!

Also, who says you can’t add a mid-year goal! (I’m adding to my list) I’d like to put this Nikon to use! I’d like to learn more about photography and capture more moments and pictures of my boys! They grow so fast and we bought this Nikon a couple weeks before our firstborn came into the world in hopes that we’d take lots of pictures and capture every moment. And we have used it but for the most part it’s been tucked into a drawer and I’ve finally pulled it out. I’d like to use it more for capturing these moments and memories and for my blog as well.

It’s hard to maintain a routine and follow through but it’s important to reflect back on your year’s goals and see how you can improve as a person to achieve your goals.

5 Tips on achieving your goals

1.) Setting small goals throughout the month helps because it’s easier to achieve goals that are realistic.

2.) Rewarding yourself after achieving your goals gives you temporary satisfaction but it is also a key factor to keeping yourself happy and motivated. Maybe a cheat day during a diet or a shopping spree cause nothing is more satisfying than retail therapy.

3.) Reflecting on your goals is a large part of remembering your goals and helps to evaluate how far you have come and it also helps to strategize how to tackle those goals that seemed difficult to achieve.

4.) Making check lists helps me all the time. Checking off something on a checklist gives me satisfaction like no other!! I know what I’ve got on my to-do list and I stay focused.

5.) Invest in a planner a planner helps to keep your days, months, and years organized. I found this creative planner at Tjmaxx. It has fun stickers I can use to highlight my daily and weekly appointments too.



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