March Madness and April Showers…

Chaotic is an undestadement if you want me to describe the past couple months. From Rayyan starting preschool to what we thought was a small pipe leakage in our home turned into a leak large enough that we had to remodel two bathrooms. The boys were sick for three weeks straight, that’s three weeks of coughs, runny noses, fevers, and extremely clingy toddlers.

I guess preschool comes with the package of kids getting sick more often. Preschool was an adjustment for the both of us, I cried, like literally sobbed in the car the first two weeks after dropping him off and then I realized how nice it was to just have to haul around one kid for a couple hours. Preschool has forced us into a solid routine, better eating habits, play dates with more kids his age, and overall we are both loving it now! Jibran is loving the mommy and me time after we drop off Rayyan it’s just the two of us taking on the library, grocery store, TJmaxx shopping sprees so it’s been really nice. And this time around I couldn’t be more happier with the Montessori method curriculum.

The house is finally somewhat coming back to a normal state we’ve got the walls and tiles back up in the bathrooms but still no vanity, toilet, or sink but we’re getting there. The laundry machines are back up and running finally. Weeks on end without laundry was horrible we had clothes basically piled to the roof. Thank God for family in town who were kind and welcoming enough to let me do our laundry but that meant hauling loads of laundry back and forth. But it’s all finally starting to come together and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The weather has been absolutely crazy one day we almost hit 70 degrees and the next it was snowing. And now we’re back to wearing our winter coats and jackets, at this point I don’t even know if Spring is in sight anymore. But I’m just eager to pull out all my spring jumpsuits, shorts, and pretty floral prints!

And that’s a wrap of my rant about being MIA for so long.  Although I have to say it was nice to take a break and organize my thoughts and vision for this blog.  I felt like I got in the hustle of growing my blog and instagram and I forgot that I was beginning to defeat the purpose of what this place actually meant to me.  SO while I was gone I used this time to refocus and put thoughts in more organized and improved content.

I’ve finally got a better handle on linking a lot of my outfits.  I’ve joined a network called Shopstyle Collective which allows me to link many of my outfits on instagram so you can shop them and I get a small commission on the sales. My Instagram isn’t large enough to use that fun swipe up option just yet on my instastories but until then I’ve added a Shop My Instagram page to my blog and you can simply head over to that page and purchase just about anything you like in my posts because everything is linked over there, Happy Shopping!!

From my previous post on instagram a lot of you asked about my outfit in the picture above. The trousers were actually a tjmaxx find but I found a very similar pair at H&M and I’ve linked them below. I absolutely love these trousers they are super soft and perfect for the spring. My top is just a plain white long sleeve tee perfect for casual wear.  The adidas tennis shoes are my all time favorite go to shoes that complete any mommy uniform outfit with the perfect casual style.  All linked below…

I have not linked my glasses.  I love these glasses they are Warby Parker, I have an entire post about them right here.

As I write more and focus more on what content to write for my blog what content do you enjoy reading most about, outfit ideas, recipes, more on motherhood? Please share in the comments below!

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