Back to School With Amazon

Wow! It’s been a while since I posted on here! We have had a full summer between traveling and quality time with cousins. Our summer started off in May with a trip to Las Vegas where we enjoyed soaking up the sun and pool time with Nanna and Nani.  Upon our return, we had my husbands side of the family here for the rest of the summer and took a trip out east for a family wedding.  We went all over the east coast Virginia, Maryland, DC, New York City, and New Jersey.  That was a three week long vacation the longest we have probably ever been away from home. We got home and the kids just wanted to enjoy the house, our backyard, and all their toys!

With summer coming to an end so is my sanity we are so ready for a routine.  The boys are just in preschool but even those three hours of time I get in the morning to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, a workout, or even reading a book without distraction are very blissful.

I love this time of year! We start getting more organized, the weather starts to cool down, we establish a better routine, things are way less chaotic, and of course back to school shenanigans!

There are so many great sales going on for back to school.  My favorite place to order the basics is definitely Amazon! Anytime I have to haul the kids to a store is too hectic between potty runs and their attempts at jumping out the cart I go pretty crazy!  So this year I’m trying to do as much as I can online.  I’ve linked a bunch of back to school basics right here from school supplies, to backpacks, lunch bags, and even socks because I swear there’s a sock thief that lives in that washer and dryer with every load we lose at least one or two pairs of socks!

You can access my Amazon Back to School Shopping List here!

My boys don’t start going to their preschool for another two weeks! When do schools open where you live?

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