A Fresh Start & 10 Fun Facts about Me

Welcome to Style With Kitty!! I had to retire Binkie Bliss because with each post it was making me realize more and more how the name just wasn’t fitting for the content anymore. It was a fun start to this outlet of mine but I’m excited for this new chapter of rebranding! So here’s to the early mornings and late nights of joining me on this platform where we can connect about food, fashion, fitness, travels and mommin’! Because let’s be honest mommin ain’t easy and when you know you have a tribe of your very own in the same boat it makes it all the more survivable! So join my tribe right here at Style With Kitty! Here you will find recipe’s, budget friendly fashion, and tried and true fitness tips.

With a fresh start I wanted to share 10 Fun Facts about me!

10 Fun Facts About Me:

  1. My nickname is Kitty (probably since I was born, but only my family calls me Kitty otherwise the names, Nida)
  2. I grew up in New Jersey – No I do not have a joisey accent 
  3. I went to college in Idaho (not Ohio, and yes it exists on the map)
  4. I was born in Peshawar, Pakistan
  5. I love the mountains
  6. I’ve done a skydive
  7. I grew up with four older sisters (picture it as having four closets growing up and even to this day!)
  8. I find folding laundry very therapeutic (in fact I’m making this list as I’m folding laundry)
  9. I’m terrified of snakes (my older son was bit by a garden snake when he was two!)
  10. The coolest celebrity I’ve ever met was Denzel Washington (he was on broadway for Julius Caesar in NYC)

I’d love to learn something about you so leave a fun fact about yourself in the comments below!

Thanks for following along this journey of mine!


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