Tips & Tricks to Staying Consistent

Hey everyone! How are you doing with your 2020 goals? In this post I mentioned I was struggling for years to accomplish a lot of my goals because I lacked consistency. Consistency in exercise, reading, writing for the blog/instagram, even to the smallest task of eating my daily vitamins! In December I committed to focus on consistency with my goals and tasks by incorporating these five tips. These five tips to achieving consistency have helped me get back to a workout routine, pray/meditate regularly, and overall live a happier lifestyle.

Five Tips to Consistency

1.) Start your morning off early: The morning sets the tone for the day. On the day I wake up early I am more productive and I have more time in my day. Granted its hard some days because toddlers are exhausting! And I need to get better at going to bed earlier.

2.) Set a routine: By creating a pattern in my day I begin to create a habit of certain things I need to accomplish. If its something I really want to accomplish be it praying, meditating, working out I give it the same importance I would as brushing my teeth in the morning.

3.) Set smaller goals: Setting realistic manageable goals sets me up for success. If I attain success then I naturally get motivated! I couldn’t find myself to start praying five times a day. This genius lady suggested to commit to two prayers a day but make them a habit like brushing your teeth. It’s worked I’ve been praying 2-5 prayers a day since December. Praying has turned into a form of mediation for me. Helps me unwind, relax, and focus better.

4.) Reward yourself: Treating myself for accomplishing my goals motivates me to get the job done because my eyes on the prize! A shopping spree always makes me happy so I treat myself!

5.) Give yourself grace: This girl over here I learned a lot from! She told me it’s okay to fall what’s more important is to pick right back up. People make mistakes, shit happens, and life is random. Missing a prayer, missing my morning workout, even missing a daily vitamin are all things that would bother me and I would let that take over my brain I’d fall into the rabbit hole of failure. But one mistake or mishap shouldn’t control or judge me. I pick right back up where I left off because each day is a new day in which you should #beatyesterday

Use these tips and tricks through the year and see yourself achieve those goals! I hope we all make 2020 our best year yet! What are some of your goals you are working towards this year?

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