The Chaos of Corona!

It’s taken me a week to put my thoughts into words. Honestly this past week or so I have just been trying to wrap my head around these flood of emotions. I’ve felt confused, scared, worried, sad, excited, happy, it has been a crazy roller coaster ride thanks to the Coronavirus!

The worry…

First, when all this news started and my parents were abroad in Pakistan I began to worry. I began to worry for their health and their susceptibility to catching the coronavirus. As the virus spread across the nation I started to hear more in the news about deaths, lockdowns, bans, and basically the world coming to an end. I feared for them as they were thousands of miles away. I immediately switched their flights to come home a month sooner because the last thing I wanted during this time was for them to be disconnected and far away. Although travel across the world was not recommended we took our chances and I changed their flights twice. We managed to get them home on Sunday just a few short hours before they locked down the last city in Europe!

The effects of the media… “Corona is a monster”

Secondly, the media and all this social bantering has not helped when you have a four and three year old. Coronavirus is some kind of monstrous figure in their mind who now comes and hurts people and apparently steals toilet paper. Today on our way home from Nanny’s house Jibran (my 3yr old) asked me “Mama is this virus going to come to my house on his feet”. I didn’t want my kids to be fearful. Awareness is important but fear is something they don’t need to have at such a young age. I then explained to him that this virus is just like a cold that you get from not covering your cough or sneeze, and when we catch germs from not washing our hands. That was probably the best I could do at the time to get him to chill and not call the coronavirus a monster… do you guys have any suggestions on how to explain this to my toddlers?

The reality when all the fear hits home…

Third, I’m scared! I’m deep down scared for my son who has severe asthma. Even with a common cold his asthma triggers. He’s been taking steroid inhalers since he’s been six months old to maintain his asthma. I’m also scared for my niece who has Cystic Fibrosis and is immunocompromised. And due to that during this cold season we tend to practice social distancing in general for her health whether coronavirus or not. I’m worried for my in-laws and my parents who fall right between the ages of 65-70.

With all this uncertainty, unanswered questions, or not having a mere idea of what the future holds, I’m just trying to find the silver lining in all of this…so here’s to finding the positive in all this chaos. Because there’s just too much going on right now and my minds going a little bonkers.

Here’s a list of my happy thoughts:

1.) I’d like to start off by saying my hearts a little happy having my oldest nephew and niece home from college (Sorry Mustafa & Fatima- But Khala’s so happy to see your faces after months!)

2.) I loved that my parents (aka built-in babysitters) are back home a month sooner (Ammi watched the boys all day today while I got some sanity time!). This was much needed after the boys recovered from being sick for over a month!

3.) I have loved spending time with the kids at home without the worry of running out the door for preschool or swim lessons. We spent one day in pajamas and binged on Disney+, we managed to play card games, read more books flipping pages, and some kindle books, we worked on our kiwico projects, and made pancakes together.

4.) Ali and I flew to Salt Lake City together and I really enjoyed the perks of private flying…no hustle or boarding rush, no people, no chaos. It was so nice to just sit in an airplane and fly to the closest city with my very own pilot (MashaAllah)! We grabbed a quick bite in a now deserted city and jumped on the plane again escaping a storm approaching within minutes. It was quite the adventure… a post on that coming soon!

5.) I’ve learned to be more creative with activities for the boys and I’ve found so many amazing resources online to help me practice Montessori learning right here at home.

Be a helping hand when you can…

I’d say despite all the chaos and the horrific news I’ve found some sort of peace and happiness in this new form of “normal”. As playing a part in society and my community I’ll just do the best I can to keep my family, my friends, my community, as safe as possible by following the simple acts of social distancing and not panicking. By offering a helping hand where I can. I’ll offer a helping hand in delivering grocery to someone who is immunocompromised or more susceptible to getting sick, I’ll offer my assistance to those in need of meals for their children, I’ll do the best I can to be their for anyone in need so please feel free to reach out if you’re in Southeast Idaho.

I wish you all health and happiness. I pray for your safety. People we’re in this quarantine together!! So know that we’re all losing our minds in some way!! I’ll post more on finding your sanity within this time of quarantine…there’s so many activities I’ve found I’d love to share!

How are you all keeping entertained with the family all cooped up for the coming weeks!? Share your thoughts, ideas, activities below!

Much love,


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