Tips to ease your anxiety

Happy Monday!! As summer is coming close to an end and it didn’t exactly end up being a very typical summer because of a pandemic we made the most of our time. We flew in the airplane for a few overnight getaways while the hubby got to log some hours, we enjoyed bbq’s, water balloon fights, pool time, and soaked up all the sun our hearts desired. But I have to admit this year brought a lot of anxiety with all the unknowns.

As life slowly goes back to some kind of norm I’ve been feeling a little anxious. I have a nephew off to college this week, a niece headed back to NYC for college the following week, my sister and nieces headed back to NYC after three months of being with us, I’m not sending my boys to preschool this year and instead doing online learning with our Montessori school. Teaching at home while working on my business growth in such uncertain times is sure going to come with its own challenges.

Usually around this time of year the boys routine is a bit haywire and so is mine. When there’s no routine the anxiety kicks in because my days seem to slip out of my hands leaving me with a feeling of accomplishing nothing all day.  I’ve had to really learn to ease my anxiety this year with so many unknowns this pandemic has thrown at us. So if you’re feeling a little anxious and don’t know where to start I’ve jotted down ten things that have helped me refocus and rechannel some of that negative energy.

10 Tips to Easing Anxiety

1.) Meditate: this could be in any form. This year I’ve found prayer has helped me a lot. If you’re new to meditation try the headspace app, or the meditation oasis podcast by Mary and Richard Maddux. Really anything just to take a few minutes to concentrate on my breathing and relaxing my mind of all thoughts helps.

2.) Go for an outdoor walk or run: There is nothing like slipping a pair of running shoes on and going for a stroll, good for the mind and soul.

3.) Get dressed for the day: A shower and getting ready everyday always gives me a fresh start to my day and sets a positive tone for the day ahead.

4.) Read a self improvement book: So many great reads out there to help you refocus and bring minor changes in your life to help you turn that negative energy into positive solutions. Personally one of my favorites has been The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*uck and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

5.) 30 minutes of time to myself everyday

6.) Create a To-Do list: Write down the things you need to get done and cross it off as you get things done. I love the feeling of crossing things off my to-do list, I’m weird like that!

7.) Journaling: Sometimes its just random thoughts I like to write out helps give me clarity and this year I started jotting down at least 3 things I’m grateful for it has been a game changer!

8.) Routine: for myself and kids I’ve always been a believer of early to bed early to rise. Not always the best at implementing it for myself but I try because I’m a night owl and that’s the only time I get where all the creative juices help me gather my thoughts.

9.) Meal Planning: I started this just a week or two ago. Sometimes deciding what to cook can be such a trying task in my day so when I know what I need to cook I’ve got things lined up right after breakfast and I get all the cooking for the day done before 3pm.

10.) Giving Yourself Grace: Knowing that things don’t always go as planned is okay. Have a general idea of what things need to be accomplished in your day you don’t necessarily need to schedule out your days down to every minute. As a stay at home mom I’m always multitasking or trying to get things done constantly on the go so if something slips it’s no big deal just take a breather and pick back up again.

I hope some of these tips help you end your summer and this year on a lighter note despite all the cards we’ve been dealt with. A positive mind helps channel positive energy so chin up and have a great Monday as you begin the month of August! What are some things that have helped you get through this year? share in the comments below!



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