5 Simple Acts to Kick Bad Eating Habits Good-bye.

“In order to kick ass you must first lift up your foot”- Jen Sincero

Hey Everyone,

I’m making my return over here on the blog with some fun content to share. I feel like I do this every few months and then I disappear again. 2021 for me meant consistent planning and organizing not just my home but my thoughts, my business, and being more intentional. So if all goes as planned you’ll find a new post from me five days a week I’ll share a recipe, a fashion piece, or something of value! I’m all about better eating habits this year!

When I decide to bring a change in my life I like to ease into them. Going cold turkey was never really my way of doing things. And over the course of a couple of years I really had to kick some bad habits good-bye. For the first few weeks of January I have been focusing on my eating habits. Not for weight loss but because as a kid I’ve always had terrible eating habits and some carried onto adulthood. I grew up pretty much eating Dunkaroos (if you’re a 90s kid you know what these are!), fruit roll-ups, and Doritos for every meal. While my mother always pushed me to eat healthier I played the youngest kid card and found my way to eat more junk food than healthy meals. And boy did karma teach me, my boys are extremely picky eaters it’s always a battle trying to feed them healthy foods I’ll find JJ sneaking in Oreos from the cookie jar before dinner! They are still little so I figured it was time to make life changes in my home to instill better eating habits all around. When it comes to parenting a five and four year old these days you can’t preach what you don’t practice cause they will call you out!

Five things I did to kick my bad eating habits Good-bye!

1.) I cut back on my carbohydrate intake in my meals, this made me more intentional about what I was putting into my body. While I’m no health expert I’m not doing any kind of keto diet or low carb diet, I’m just not eating parathas for breakfast everyday anymore!

2.) I meal plan, this is something that has helped me plan out healthier meals and not run to the first thing I can resort to in the pantry and fridge when I’m hungry.

3.) I am reading labels on foods before putting them into my body. This has made me more aware of the good carbs vs bad carbs. I was having a lot of digestive issues and changing my diet has helped eliminate those.

4.) I eat more frequently in my day and I choose healthier snacks. I’ll eat an apple with peanut butter rather than munching on cookies. I’ve fallen in love with these Frozen Kind Bars, thanks to my sister! They are like a snickers bar but even better! And only 9 grams of carbs!

5.) I drink more water, I try to drink at least two glasses of water before eating breakfast. Keeping this hydroflask with me through my day has helped me keep hydrated throughout the day and it keeps my water chilled all day.

What are some things you are doing to improve your health this year?

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