How to Make Yourself a Priority

Do you take time out for self-care, a workout, a walk? Just YOU! No kids, no hubby, no siblings, just YOU!? I’ve struggled over the years with doing that especially last year. This year when I noticed it was affecting my mental health I made it a point to make sure I make myself a priority. As I treat each day with more intention I have been realizing how I have been postponing things on my to-do list for other tasks. But I’ve implemented a few hard rules for myself to make sure that I don’t do this and I make myself a priority. *Note: I’ve learned that prioritizing myself does not mean that I’m being selfish. I’m a mom, so naturally I have other priorities as well. But some key points I’ve jotted down that help me organize my day so that I can make sure that I’m living a fulfilled day for myself as well are the following:

What I’m doing to Make Myself A Priority

I have a daily ritual: Some kind of routine is key. I’ve been praying, journaling. and reading a book everyday! It’s given me a form of meditation, sanity, and helping me learn something new everyday.

I’ve identified my time wasters: I’m guilty of scrolling through instagram. Biggest problem of having a business on social media is that you can end up spending a lot of unnecessary time on social media. I’m trying to get better at this by focusing on setting times for when I should be on my phone. Because I don’t like to document my every moment to the public but at the same time I do like to share snippets of our daily shenanigans and something of value, daily deals, recipes, etc.

I’ve learned to give myself grace: Not everyday will go as planned. There’s no point in planning out my day by the hour and minute because random things always come up. And keeping track of my day by the hour will only get me more frustrated and rushed in any task I do. So I’ve allotted time for the important stuff, made lists, and I go with the flow of the day especially because I have little kids.

I’ve alloted time for the important stuff: A workout is important to me, so I schedule it! And I’ve started to make it happen! Journaling has become very therapeutic to me so I try to wake up before anyone does so its nice and quiet and I can collect my thoughts and write as I sip on my morning cup of coffee.

How do you give yourself priority? What are some things you do in the day to make yourself feel fulfilled?

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