My Favorite Hair Styling Tool.

I have had straight hair all my life I’ve never used a round brush or really needed a straightener. Earlier last year I was itching to get a perm but my older much wiser sister talked me out of it. Perks of being the younger sister, you can learn from four others who’ve made mistakes before you! In fact I love curling my hair so much I invested in the Chi straightener back in college just to use as a curler and I taught myself the technique of curling with a straightener. With my new found favorite hair tool the Chi Spin Curl styling my hair takes a total of twenty minutes tops (something my husband, Ali, appreciates A LOT)!

I’ve linked all the hair styling items I use.

The Chi Spin Curl is automatic and has buttons to spin in two different directions. I know it sounds scary the thought of getting your hair stuck! But it’s amazing features have taken all those fears of mine away. I’m not going to lie I got my hair stuck in there the first couple times as I was getting the hang of using it but it was a breeze to get out. If your hair gets stuck the curler stops and gives you a repeated beep you can either press the off button and turn the chi off and it releases the hair so smoothly or you can unplug your curler and it also releases the hair with no damage or pull. It’s one of the most simple curlers to use. I have four sisters and two of them bought it immediately after they saw me using it. I’ll share a quick video tutorial on how to use it over on my instagram today!

It’s ceramic rotating barrel creates bouncy curls and waves. Once completed I’ll spray my hair with the Chi Style & Stay Firm Hold Protecting Spray. *Note: I’d definitely also use the Chi Heat Protectant Spray before beginning to curl just as an added protection. This curler is pure magic and you will love the ease in using it!

Now are you team curly hair or straight hair?

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