My Top Reads for Personal Growth.

Happy Monday, Everyone! We’re almost wrapping up January and it’s been a wild ride already! Lately I have been doing a lot of soul searching or so to speak. As I’ve mentioned in my prior posts I’ve been working on living life with more intention, being more in the moment, which has helped me be more conscious of my time, my work, my thoughts, and just life in general. If there’s one thing that last years quarantine did for me it was the fact that I read a lot more. A lot of that credit goes to my book club ladies because I started to read books that were out of my comfort zone like suspense novels and historical stories. Some of my favorite books to read are personal growth books because they get me fired up to not only self reflect but to have and implement my goals and ambitions. Today I’m rounding up my top reads for personal growth in hopes that you will enjoy these too.

As I leave you with my favorite personal growth books I hope it inspires you to check out one of these if you haven’t already. And if you did, I’d love to chat more about them with you! I’ve heard many people say they don’t like to read books, if you’re one of those, have you tried Audible? Last year I started using Audible and now I’m hooked, I can’t sleep without listening to a good book. Although I still feel like there’s nothing quite like reading a book in hand and flipping pages which do you prefer a book in hand, kindle, or audiobooks?

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