Cruising into 2019

Cruising into 2019

Hey Friends! Last week has been a week indeed!  First off, I feel like last week was one of the longest and most dragged out weeks ever. Maybe it had to do with coming back from an epic vacation to Cancun to just pure chaos!  I had all these fun posts planned for when I returned but instead got bombarded with a sick kid, potty training, a broken refrigerator, so much laundry, preschool visits, and did I mention the never ending loads of laundry?! But we survived!

We returned last Sunday only to find a brand new unopened gallon of milk had spoiled. We figured it was no big deal we tossed that gallon and bought another, two days later, same thing and more spoiled food. Finally my husband looked into it and realized the fridge wasn’t functioning right and we called for some repairs and guess what?! It wasn’t possible to repair a fridge with a broken compressor because they stopped selling the parts necessary so we ended up buying a new refrigerator this weekend and if we’re spending on one new appliance why not just update all the other appliances as well, right guys?! Which was actually pretty nice, we ended up getting a new microwave and we decided on a nice new stove too! Nothing fancy but definitely a nice change so I’m pretty excited!

Back to the good stuff, it’s Monday, a new day and a new week!  I’ve finally got myself back into a routine of a workout.  It has nothing to do with the New Year and new goals just realizing if I bring a little change in my awful eating habits and exercise I will feel better! I love my body and the fact that this body had two beautiful babies and during our vacation I noticed I just didn’t have the energy like I used to, whether it was climbing up stairs or running through the airport catching flights.  It is my stamina I am more worried about; I need to be able to keep up with my boys! I was doing so well until about Thanksgiving and then it was sporadic workouts and then no workouts until last week. But you know what I’m not going to dwell on the fact that I stopped for weeks and I’m going to keep going strong (now THAT has to do with the New Year and new goals)!!

In 2019 I’m all about staying in the moment. I’ve realized that no matter what the dishes will ultimately get done, the laundry will be folded, and everything else will fall into place.  It’s about enjoying the moment that I’m presently in whether it be stopping to cuddle with my boys for an episode of Peppa Pig or story time cozied up by the fireplace. I’m going to focus a lot more on a healthier lifestyle, which means no more late night munching on chocolate chip cookies and Oreos and doing those daily workouts even if its just 30 min on the treadmill. More so because they make me feel healthier and help me build that stamina! Also, its something I’m doing for me, not the mom in me or the sister or daughter but for just ME!

One of my motivators this week for a workout was a fresh pair of runners and workout clothes. What better way to get motivated than a shopping spree! I’ve linked some of my favorites below. (I think the Nike runners I’ve linked are now out of stock but tons of more options I can link here later)

So here’s my little farewell to 2018! 2018 tested our patience in many ways and brought us so much joy! We officially became homeowners for the very first time, we both grew as individuals, my husbands business took a tremendous positive leap (after of course A LOT of blood and sweat), we made some memorable trips, and enjoyed precious moments of watching our sweet boys grow, I’d also like to think we kind of figured out this parenting thing to a certain extent, we survived the terrible two’s with our oldest son and now we’re on round two with the younger one (all prayers will be appreciate in this department) all in all you’ve been good to us 2018 but we couldn’t be more ready and grateful to see what’s in store for us this coming year! So 2019, bring it on!

We had an epic start to this year with such a memorable trip to Cancun (And because so many of you messaged asking me for information on where we stayed and what we did I have a post coming out this week on our trip with deets on where we stayed, the activities we did, and so much more it’ll make you want to book your very own paradise getaway full of sun, sand, and the ocean!)

Happy Monday, Friends!