Fall Home Decor Target

Fall Home Decor Target

Hey guys! Have you decorated your fall porch yet? I braved through a 45 minute trip to Target with the boys yesterday and I found SO many great home decor items for the fall at Target! I’ve bundled up some of my favorite finds, these were affordable festive things for the home!

TARGET is ALWAYS a good idea! I found so many great pieces I’ve decided to do two different blog posts this ones for home decor and the next one will have all the amazing closet pieces I brought home!

Here I’ll share all my fun fall/home décor items, I’ll link everything right here for you!

I hope my picks have inspired you to pumpkin spice up your home for the fall! Has the weather adjusted to the season where you live?

Styling Your Kicks

Styling Your Kicks

Hey Friends! You know how just last week I was so happily welcoming fall, well that lasted for about two minutes because the weekend was freezing we had our first snowfall for the season.  The boys were so excited to see the flurries coming down and wondering why they couldn’t just yet make a snowman, little do they know the long winter ahead, yikes!

I didn’t get a chance to pop on here last week very much we had a house of sick toddlers that lead to days off of school and no soccer practice! I basically had to keep Rayyan’s asthma under control which meant trying to keep a three year old from running around we resorted to reading books, playing cards, doing workbooks, practicing our letters/numbers basically A LOT of mommy and me time and best of all snuggles!  But all good now, we had a relaxing weekend sipping on hot drinks and cozying up by the fireplace. I finally see a sight of recovery!

Even though the weather may be going crazy on us I still am going to keep these fall vibes going because I love this season! Today I wanted to style a closet essential for every mom, sneakers!!  Sneakers are my go-to shoes for pretty much all the day-to-day run around. There are so many fun ways to dress up sneakers from wide leg pants to even dresses!

Jumpsuit, Bodysuit, Sneakers
I love this mustard colored jumpsuit its so perfect for the fall and here I’ve paired it with my all time favorite mommy sneakers!
Denim Jacket, Jumpsuit, Converse
Converse are always a good idea and so versatile
Denim Jacket, Black Dress, Adidas
I love this outfit!! A day spent out and about! Even a cute midi dress can be styled with sneakers for a casual day! Who said Football Sundays have to be in shorts and sweats! Style up your game with this midi dress paired with kicks!

What are some ways you like to style your sneakers? Are you an adidas or nike fan? What’s your go-to comfy shoe? I hope some of these looks have inspired you to dress up your kicks!

Hello, Fall! Old Navy Fall Finds

Hello, Fall! Old Navy Fall Finds

It’s finally Fall! Bring me all things, cozy, and pumpkin spice!  Here’s to a season of cozy sweaters, Halloween spooking, apple picking and pumpkin patches! I love a change in season.  Even though some seasons are shorter than others in Idaho I’m still so grateful we live in a place where we can experience all four seasons.

This time of year is my favorite because fall fashion is all about layering.  As I’m hearing more and more about capsule wardrobes I am getting more hooked to the idea of making the most out of what is in my closet.  For years I always go shopping at the beginning of every season to freshen up my wardrobe without thinking about what is actually in my closet and what I really am purchasing. I’ve learned the importance of capsule pieces and buying clothes that can be styled various different ways.

If you haven’t heard already there is a sale happening at Old Navy 25% off your order (no code needed)! So many gorgeous affordable fall pieces in right now that are perfect for adding to your fall capsule.  I have linked some of my top finds right here!

Also, I want to know what works best for you! Would you rather I do a try-on session on my instagram stories? Would you rather I post pictures of styling your capsule pieces? Let me know your thoughts below!

Back to School With Amazon

Back to School With Amazon

Wow! It’s been a while since I posted on here! We have had a full summer between traveling and quality time with cousins. Our summer started off in May with a trip to Las Vegas where we enjoyed soaking up the sun and pool time with Nanna and Nani.  Upon our return, we had my husbands side of the family here for the rest of the summer and took a trip out east for a family wedding.  We went all over the east coast Virginia, Maryland, DC, New York City, and New Jersey.  That was a three week long vacation the longest we have probably ever been away from home. We got home and the kids just wanted to enjoy the house, our backyard, and all their toys!

With summer coming to an end so is my sanity we are so ready for a routine.  The boys are just in preschool but even those three hours of time I get in the morning to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, a workout, or even reading a book without distraction are very blissful.

I love this time of year! We start getting more organized, the weather starts to cool down, we establish a better routine, things are way less chaotic, and of course back to school shenanigans!

There are so many great sales going on for back to school.  My favorite place to order the basics is definitely Amazon! Anytime I have to haul the kids to a store is too hectic between potty runs and their attempts at jumping out the cart I go pretty crazy!  So this year I’m trying to do as much as I can online.  I’ve linked a bunch of back to school basics right here from school supplies, to backpacks, lunch bags, and even socks because I swear there’s a sock thief that lives in that washer and dryer with every load we lose at least one or two pairs of socks!

You can access my Amazon Back to School Shopping List here!

My boys don’t start going to their preschool for another two weeks! When do schools open where you live?

Sneaker Round-Up

Sneaker Round-Up

It’s finally sunny and in the 60s around here and you’ll find my boys playing outside digging in dirt, jumping in puddles, watering plants, helping their grandpa plant, running around the backyard; I’m loving every minute of it! Their love for the outdoors reminds me of when I was little and we’d spend most of our days outside playing in the sprinklers and running to the ice cream truck for snow cones on hot summer days. We had one bike amongst the five of us sisters we’d share and being the youngest of the five sisters I’d be the one who never got a turn to ride the bike but I’d jump on and get a ride from each sister. Really nothing would stop us from enjoying our time outside!

With the kids being outside most the day I’m constantly chasing them because with my two year old sometimes playing in the dirt turns into discovering our tastebuds by eating the dirt. Some days I feel like a headless chicken running in all four directions trying to prevent chaos. Last Friday my two year old decided to walk out of the house without anyone noticing and luckily my sweet neighbor spotted him and brought him home (yes, major #MOMFAIL) how that happened is a story to be shared another time! With that said, I’m literally on the run all day and the importance of a good pair of sneakers is key when you’re a mom of two toddler boys. So, here’s my roundup of the 10 best must-have spring/summer sneakers all linked below! These have it all the style, glitz, glam, and of course comfort.

I rarely wear heels because I don’t think I’ll ever be the mom that can chase her kid down with stilettos. Are you the mom that’s walking down the grocery store aisle in her high heels perfecting that catwalk? Or are you the mom that slips on those sneakers and is on the run in the aisles like a contestant on Supermarket Sweep? (How many of you actually remember watching that show?!) I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Spring Jumpsuits

Spring Jumpsuits

Happy Monday!! Here’s to a new week and a new day! So much to be grateful for; a busy yet memorable weekend and the start of a fresh week with positive thoughts and vibes only!

I meant to have a post out this weekend but honestly from the moment the weekend started on Friday to Sunday night we’ve been so busy. Friday was my day with the hubby I went on a drive to work with him. Occasionally we do that which is really nice because it gives us an opportunity to catch up on our week without distractions. So while he visited clients I decided to take a stroll in Target. I think for the first time I had a couple hours in there without the kids. Special shoutout to my lovely sisters for watching the boys despite the laundry list of things they had on their to-do lists!

With Spring finally blooming and Summer around the corner I can’t help but share some of my favorite jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are so comfortable and you can dress them up or down. I’ve linked a couple of my favorite finds at Target, super budget friendly and for my Muslim gals who have been asking me for jumpsuits that are more covered some of these are the perfect finds. For the jumpsuits that are sleeveless you can always pair them with a white or blue denim jacket on cooler days and nights.

I absolutely love this denim jacket!

I bought the jumpsuit and the denim jacket at our local TJMaxx so I wasn’t able to link the exact items but I’ve linked a very similar jumpsuit and denim jacket. These pumps I can basically live in because they are the most comfortable pair of heels I’ve ever owned. They are definitely worth the purchase.

From my trip to Target I found so many similar jumpsuits at such a reasonable price range. I’ve linked my favorites right here.

How was your Easter weekend?