March Madness and April Showers…

March Madness and April Showers…

Chaotic is an undestadement if you want me to describe the past couple months. From Rayyan starting preschool to what we thought was a small pipe leakage in our home turned into a leak large enough that we had to remodel two bathrooms. The boys were sick for three weeks straight, that’s three weeks of coughs, runny noses, fevers, and extremely clingy toddlers.

I guess preschool comes with the package of kids getting sick more often. Preschool was an adjustment for the both of us, I cried, like literally sobbed in the car the first two weeks after dropping him off and then I realized how nice it was to just have to haul around one kid for a couple hours. Preschool has forced us into a solid routine, better eating habits, play dates with more kids his age, and overall we are both loving it now! Jibran is loving the mommy and me time after we drop off Rayyan it’s just the two of us taking on the library, grocery store, TJmaxx shopping sprees so it’s been really nice. And this time around I couldn’t be more happier with the Montessori method curriculum.

The house is finally somewhat coming back to a normal state we’ve got the walls and tiles back up in the bathrooms but still no vanity, toilet, or sink but we’re getting there. The laundry machines are back up and running finally. Weeks on end without laundry was horrible we had clothes basically piled to the roof. Thank God for family in town who were kind and welcoming enough to let me do our laundry but that meant hauling loads of laundry back and forth. But it’s all finally starting to come together and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The weather has been absolutely crazy one day we almost hit 70 degrees and the next it was snowing. And now we’re back to wearing our winter coats and jackets, at this point I don’t even know if Spring is in sight anymore. But I’m just eager to pull out all my spring jumpsuits, shorts, and pretty floral prints!

And that’s a wrap of my rant about being MIA for so long.  Although I have to say it was nice to take a break and organize my thoughts and vision for this blog.  I felt like I got in the hustle of growing my blog and instagram and I forgot that I was beginning to defeat the purpose of what this place actually meant to me.  SO while I was gone I used this time to refocus and put thoughts in more organized and improved content.

I’ve finally got a better handle on linking a lot of my outfits.  I’ve joined a network called Shopstyle Collective which allows me to link many of my outfits on instagram so you can shop them and I get a small commission on the sales. My Instagram isn’t large enough to use that fun swipe up option just yet on my instastories but until then I’ve added a Shop My Instagram page to my blog and you can simply head over to that page and purchase just about anything you like in my posts because everything is linked over there, Happy Shopping!!

From my previous post on instagram a lot of you asked about my outfit in the picture above. The trousers were actually a tjmaxx find but I found a very similar pair at H&M and I’ve linked them below. I absolutely love these trousers they are super soft and perfect for the spring. My top is just a plain white long sleeve tee perfect for casual wear.  The adidas tennis shoes are my all time favorite go to shoes that complete any mommy uniform outfit with the perfect casual style.  All linked below…

I have not linked my glasses.  I love these glasses they are Warby Parker, I have an entire post about them right here.

As I write more and focus more on what content to write for my blog what content do you enjoy reading most about, outfit ideas, recipes, more on motherhood? Please share in the comments below!

Six Alternatives to Screen Time

Six Alternatives to Screen Time

Hey Mamas! Todays post is all about making sure you don’t feel guilty about screen time for your kids but to find different avenues of entertainment for your sweet peas.

As a stay at home mom I’m literally multitasking all day from making sure my 2 year old that’s climbing all over doesn’t fall off something or my inquisitive 3 year old doesn’t do anything wild for the millisecond that I turn away to catch my breath. From the moment they wake up to the moment they sleep (and most nights even after they sleep) I’m constantly alert with them and through the day I’m also working my way through cooking, cleaning, loads of laundry, and so much more.

When my first born arrived I was the new mom that said to myself no screen time for my kids. And then our Rayyan’s Asthma was diagnosed at about 5 to 6 months of age and we had to give him inhalers to help control his asthma twice a day. Now you try to give a six month old an inhaler with a spacer. He would scream and fight it. To see him go through that was awful I couldn’t force the inhaler and spacer on his face. So I resorted to playing it’s-bitsy spider on my phone one day after he put up a good fight and refused to take the inhaler. I promised myself for those 5 min twice a day it was okay just so we could get through this inhaler. And then one morning he was fussy and I figured just 15 min of nursery rhymes on TV are okay until I finish doing my makeup. Those 15 min lead to 30 min just so I could get food up on the stove and so on and so forth; you see where I’m going with this?! Ultimately it became an avenue for me to get a couple minutes of sanity just so I could get a few minutes to get my stuff done.

I could go on and state all these statistics about the harmful effects screen time has on children; but most of us I assume already know that, so instead I’ll share some things I do with my boys to keep them entertained.

Now it’s definitely become a little (emphasis on little) easier now that they are 3 and 2. While they are still within my eyes range and I can keep an eye on them I provide them with a lot of projects and crafts.

  • Construction Paper: this is a beautiful thing to buy when you have toddlers and A LOT of it. Some days I’ll cut shapes out for Rayyan and give him a washable child safe toddler glue stick. I’ll let him use his imagination and come up with fun crafty things to make. Sometimes a house, an airplane, a boat, burgers, I let his imagination and creative side take over once I get him started. This keeps him busy for at least an hour if not more.
  • Blocks: my 2 year old can literally spend hours playing with blocks while I cook. He’ll build random structures, he’ll put them in buckets, he’ll pour them out of buckets…so much discovery, he loves them!!
  • Magnets: these incredible magnets I bought from Amazon when Rayyan was a year old are THE best!! There’s a little architect in him I swear he loves to build with these magnets. He will build little cubes out of them and then bring his wooden cars and pretend the cube is a parking garage. He’ll build little house like structures and throw his dinosaurs in pretending it’s their house. So much creativity with these and they are fun to play with!! Again, keeps them busy for at least an hour!
  • Easel: They love their easels! My parents got Rayyan his first easel on his 2nd Birthday and he loves it to this day!! We love Melissa & Doug products! So many fun educational toys you can never go wrong! This fun easel package comes with magnets, washable markers, eraser, chalk, and a paper roll! It’s amazing we practice our letters on this, writing, colors, and some days I just let the kids play independently with it!
  • Play-Doh: Note* put a huge sheet down before you give them any play-doh! But let them get wild and creative just remember to save your carpets!! If anyone has a tip on how to get play-doh off of rugs and carpets please share. My moms house carpets and rugs are spotted with play-doh all over!!
  • KiwiCo Inc: This subscription box is amazing!! The subscription box can be ordered for kids and adults of all ages. If you subscribe for your kids, your child will receive a personalized box in the mail, this is always so exciting for my three year old. He always says “a surprise for me, Mama” and now he’s recognized the box so the moment he sees it he is eager to have us help him open it. This month Rayyan received a box all about dinosaurs (His favorite!!). In the box we had a board game that helped us identify some of the dinosaur footprints, clay and fossil stamps, and cut up cloth so he could decorate and make his own dinosaur costume! He loved every minute of that creative craft time with me! Meanwhile we had amazons Alexa play dinosaur nursery rhymes for us! Definitely a subscription worth having.

I hope this helped to make you feel less guilty about giving your child screen time and gave you more ideas to get creative with your babies!!

You can purchase any of those items by clicking on the links! Thanks for your support!

Christmas at the Mosque

Christmas at the Mosque

This is my favorite time of year for so many reasons I love that the entire town is lit up with holiday lights, the jolly atmosphere, the hallmark and lifetime channel holiday movies, the gift giving, the shopping, the sales, holiday break from schools and work, and mostly amidst it all families are brought together for quality time.

As many of you may already know my family and I do not religiously celebrate Christmas. However we do enjoy partaking in all the festivities from the Christmas tree decor to the holiday music and cheer through the season. In years past some of us would travel to embark on a journey of giving back to places abroad such as Nepal or Pakistan, some years we found ourselves traveling in the sandy beaches of Cancun, and some years we just watched movies and enjoyed the festivities right at home sipping on cider and hot cocoa.

This year by some luck none of us have any travel plans until after Christmas, we will all be in town. Our family decided to host a holiday feast in our local Mosque. This is an Open Table feast for our friends facing challenging times, those to who life has thrown a curve ball, and for those spending this holiday season alone away from friends and family. I am so excited to be spending this Christmas day in the spirit of giving back to those who are in need. We have teamed up with the local restaurants Himalayan Flavor, Puerto Vallarta, and Yellowstone Restaurant and they will be donating meals with the addition of our family bringing home cooked meals as well. What better way to celebrate the holiday than to enjoy a meal with someone in need whether in need of love, company, or simply a warm meal. It’s all about unity and spreading love!

Here is the article in our local newspaper informing the community of the event. For those of you in our little Southeast Idaho community you are welcome to join us. We are in need of volunteers!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas! May your day and evening be spent cuddled and cozied with your loved ones enjoying the traditions of years past and may you make even brighter and beautiful memories on this holiday to cherish for years to come. Happy Holidays!

Target Gift Guide For Her

Target Gift Guide For Her

I’ve been missing for a couple weeks from the blog just trying to figure out how a lot of the linking of products works and toggling through other changes.  But I’m back now, just in time for all the holiday festivities and I’ve come back to you with an awesome small Gift Guide for all the ladies in your life you know the moms, daughters, sisters, sister-in-laws, teachers, co-workers, or even simply for YOU! I’m guilty (hope the hubby doesn’t read this) I ended up purchasing a couple products from this guide myself! The temptation was strong as I was writing up all the descriptions and linking the items to this post.  And what mom leaves Target without buying something?!

Speaking of linking items, this is my first gift guide and as an avid reader of many blogs on the Internet I always loved seeing the gift guides for the holidays that influencers posted but I never realized how much work is put into putting these guides together and linking the items.  I wanted to thank you all for the support by reading along.  Also, if any of the products are of interest simply click the image link in the grid below and purchase the product.  If you purchase the product through the link I’ve provided I get a small credit for putting this all together! And as a new blogger your support would be greatly appreciated, so Thank You!

Target is always such a great option for budget friendly buys from kitchen necessities, clothing, accessories, or tech gadgets. So here goes it… Here is my Gift Guide for Her… I’ve added a brief description on each item.

Gift Guide For Her

Yankee Candle
Pajama Set
Instant Pot
Womens Cozy Plush Robe
Hello Gorgeous Mug
Faux Fur Slippers
Beats Wireless Headphones
OTK Boots – Target
Wool Duffel Coat – Target

Yankee Candle-  Coming from a Pakistani family where the smell of the curry pretty much seeps into your jackets, clothes and hair I’ve always been paranoid and invested in good scents for the home and Yankee Candle has never disappointed! It smells so crisp and strong enough to cover the smell of curries so this is your buy if you want to gift a candle

Pajama Set- Gilligan & O’Malley is one of the softest set of loungewear that Target carries.  I basically lived in their loungewear and pajamas when I was expecting.

Instant Pot- This sweet thing has been the talk of the town! Meals are prepped way faster. If you have kids and you have to cook meat don’t spend hours thawing the meat and then cooking it. Pressure cookers were always a concern for my mom so she instilled this fear in us and maybe the fact that one bursted in our kitchen when we were kids probably has a little something to do with my fear of them too! But with toddlers around I need something thats safer and a set-and-go and this is just that! It releases the pressure on its own so no time tracking or any hassle!

Sherpa Mittins- Soft and cute! Perfect stocking stuffers too!

Plush Robe- I’m telling you, you can’t go wrong with Gilligan O’ Malley, this robe is so soft and cozy!

Wool Coat- This wool coat is almost a knock off of the one at JCrew. It’s so cute and I love the red color for this time of year. It’s been selling fast!!

Faux Fur Slippers- Yes, Please! Need I say more, faux fur and slippers!! Get a feel of actually walking on cloud nine with these slippers perfect for gifting!

Hello Gorgeous Mug- This is too cute, who wouldn’t want to wake up to a cup of coffee praising them!

Beats Solo Headphone- These are probably the priciest item on this gift guide. Definitely a splurge but so worth the buy! The sound of music on these headphones takes you to a different level. And if you’re a mom like me sometimes you just need a pair of headphones to block it all out so you can binge watch some TV in peace! Best gift my husband got me!!

OTK Boots- I was a little hesitant to try a pair of OTK boots this fall because I am short and another influencer convinced me its okay to be short you can still pull off the style.  But I didn’t want to invest in a pair that was super pricey just in case I didn’t like the style but these ended up being the nicest OTK Boots ever and oh so comfortable!! They are less than $45 right now!!

I hope this little gift guide helps you in finding the perfect gift for the special lady in your life whether it be your mom, mom-in-law, sister, teacher, grandma, etc. I tried to add variety in cost and in the selection of items. This was my first gift guide so comment below and let me know what you think! What are some things on your holiday list this year? Are gift guides helpful to you?

Black Friday Nordstrom

Black Friday Nordstrom

Tis’ the season for all the shopping because sales are in full swing.  One of my favorite stores to shop from during this time of year is Nordstrom because of all the amazing sales and deals you can find on the priciest clothing.

I first and foremost stock up on denim from some of my favorite designers. Denim is something we wear everyday and you want to invest in a good pair of jeans.  When it comes to denim you can never go wrong with the brands Paige, Frame, or AG! These brands provide the most butter soft jeans and in so many different styles.  And one brand may fit differently than another brand.  Here I’ve linked three of my favorite denims on sale from this years Black Friday deal. These denims at regular price are VERY expensive so its best to score them while they are on sale. Also, they are such good quality that they will last you for a very long time!

These shirts and sweaters linked below are the perfect winter finds and so versatile you can dress them casual or formal in so many styles.  And they are on major sale this week so don’t miss the chance to snag some of these cozy sweaters. Cardigans are one of my favorite items to stock up on as well because as a mom on the go I can literally just pull one out of the closet and put it on as I’m on the run for errands. I have two toddlers so even for date night I’m usually super busy before I get out the door trying to get the kids settled in before the sitter comes, prepping dinner, preparing milk sippy cups, getting pajamas all ready, etc. so most days I’ll just slip a cardigan on with a nice top paired with denim or leggings, and a nice pair of shoes.

I’ve learned a lot about capsule wardrobes and it has changed my perspective when I shop I try to buy tops that I know can be pieced with other items easily basically trying to get multiple outfits from one piece out of your wardrobe. And these two shirts linked below are the perfect addition to any capsule wardrobe.  The BP shirt I’ve had for over a year now I bought two pairs in black and white and I have basically lived in those shirts.  They are so versatile, they can be worn with leggings, denim, cardigans, so many ways to style these shirts.  I’ll have some pictures up on the blog and my instagram for some ideas.

The BP Side Slit Tee above I have two pairs a black and white which I basically lived in all year long.  I have literally worn them out and I just ordered two more pairs for myself. And they are on sale too right now for under $20.

I love all the coats linked below.  A trench coat is a must have for any wardrobe they are my go-to coats on rainy days and the best for stuffing in a bag during any travel.  And this Halogen one linked below is on sale 40% off at Nordstrom.  At this price don’t miss the chance to add it to your closet.  You can purchase it by simply clicking on the picture below.  And this suede moto jacket is so cute and perfect to dress up your outfit for date night.  You can pair this with a nice dress, black leggings, or denim. I absolutely love it! The last link is the most cozy fleece jacket ever it is on sale at less than $60.  I got lucky and found a similar fleece jacket which I wore throughout fall from TJMaxx. I have posted a couple pictures on my instagram from it.


There is so much more I have that I want to share.  I’m working on linking more stuff for you all to see.  I’m still getting the hang of linking items and I had some technical issues with my website this week so its set me back from some of my posts. But stay tuned I have more coming…late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! And Happy Shopping!


Heated Blanket and Midweek Thoughts

Heated Blanket and Midweek Thoughts

We had a rough night I was up all night doing loads of laundry because my little Ray vomited all over his bed from coughing so much.  Nebulizer and inhaler treatments were being done around the clock to make sure his breathing was good, colds usually trigger his asthma.  I folded and put away a mountain of laundry until about 3 am.  But on a brighter note Ray woke up with no fever meaning I think he’s at the recovery mode of his cold!

I wanted to come on here and share my newest finds and additions to all things cozy this season first off, it is this Sunbeam Plush Blanket, this incredible heated blanket is the softest! It relaxes and makes me so warm instantly because I’m the girl who is always cold. When I worked in an office I’d be the lady who always had her space heater on under her desk. No matter what temperature it was outside. Even on a day where it was ninety degrees outside I’d have my space heater on because let’s face it the air conditioner is blasting in the corporate buildings! So last night as I got four loads of laundry done I decided to get this post out. Instead as I got into this blanket I fell asleep. It’s so soft, and it has a three-hour timer so it turns off on its own if you snooze and forget to turn it off. It’s worth the investment I bought it from Costco but you can find the exact same blanket on Amazon here and have it delivered to your front door and if you’re a prime member then have it within two business days so you don’t miss a single cold night of being warm and cozy. I’ve linked it in the picture below as well so get your cozy blanket now!

These blankets are $35 on Amazon, but keep in mind, prices vary based on the color you select and the size of the blanket.  If you have a Costco nearby and a Costco membership you can buy one for less than $30.  They are the perfect gift for the holidays too!

Until next time, Happy Shopping!