Heated Blanket and Midweek Thoughts

We had a rough night I was up all night doing loads of laundry because my little Ray vomited all over his bed from coughing so much.  Nebulizer and inhaler treatments were being done around the clock to make sure his breathing was good, colds usually trigger his asthma.  I folded and put away a mountain of laundry until about 3 am.  But on a brighter note Ray woke up with no fever meaning I think he’s at the recovery mode of his cold!

I wanted to come on here and share my newest finds and additions to all things cozy this season first off, it is this Sunbeam Plush Blanket, this incredible heated blanket is the softest! It relaxes and makes me so warm instantly because I’m the girl who is always cold. When I worked in an office I’d be the lady who always had her space heater on under her desk. No matter what temperature it was outside. Even on a day where it was ninety degrees outside I’d have my space heater on because let’s face it the air conditioner is blasting in the corporate buildings! So last night as I got four loads of laundry done I decided to get this post out. Instead as I got into this blanket I fell asleep. It’s so soft, and it has a three-hour timer so it turns off on its own if you snooze and forget to turn it off. It’s worth the investment I bought it from Costco but you can find the exact same blanket on Amazon here and have it delivered to your front door and if you’re a prime member then have it within two business days so you don’t miss a single cold night of being warm and cozy. I’ve linked it in the picture below as well so get your cozy blanket now!

These blankets are $35 on Amazon, but keep in mind, prices vary based on the color you select and the size of the blanket.  If you have a Costco nearby and a Costco membership you can buy one for less than $30.  They are the perfect gift for the holidays too!

Until next time, Happy Shopping!

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