Tips & Tricks to Staying Consistent

Tips & Tricks to Staying Consistent

Hey everyone! How are you doing with your 2020 goals? In this post I mentioned I was struggling for years to accomplish a lot of my goals because I lacked consistency. Consistency in exercise, reading, writing for the blog/instagram, even to the smallest task of eating my daily vitamins! In December I committed to focus on consistency with my goals and tasks by incorporating these five tips. These five tips to achieving consistency have helped me get back to a workout routine, pray/meditate regularly, and overall live a happier lifestyle.

Five Tips to Consistency

1.) Start your morning off early: The morning sets the tone for the day. On the day I wake up early I am more productive and I have more time in my day. Granted its hard some days because toddlers are exhausting! And I need to get better at going to bed earlier.

2.) Set a routine: By creating a pattern in my day I begin to create a habit of certain things I need to accomplish. If its something I really want to accomplish be it praying, meditating, working out I give it the same importance I would as brushing my teeth in the morning.

3.) Set smaller goals: Setting realistic manageable goals sets me up for success. If I attain success then I naturally get motivated! I couldn’t find myself to start praying five times a day. This genius lady suggested to commit to two prayers a day but make them a habit like brushing your teeth. It’s worked I’ve been praying 2-5 prayers a day since December. Praying has turned into a form of mediation for me. Helps me unwind, relax, and focus better.

4.) Reward yourself: Treating myself for accomplishing my goals motivates me to get the job done because my eyes on the prize! A shopping spree always makes me happy so I treat myself!

5.) Give yourself grace: This girl over here I learned a lot from! She told me it’s okay to fall what’s more important is to pick right back up. People make mistakes, shit happens, and life is random. Missing a prayer, missing my morning workout, even missing a daily vitamin are all things that would bother me and I would let that take over my brain I’d fall into the rabbit hole of failure. But one mistake or mishap shouldn’t control or judge me. I pick right back up where I left off because each day is a new day in which you should #beatyesterday

Use these tips and tricks through the year and see yourself achieve those goals! I hope we all make 2020 our best year yet! What are some of your goals you are working towards this year?

Cruising into 2019

Cruising into 2019

Hey Friends! Last week has been a week indeed!  First off, I feel like last week was one of the longest and most dragged out weeks ever. Maybe it had to do with coming back from an epic vacation to Cancun to just pure chaos!  I had all these fun posts planned for when I returned but instead got bombarded with a sick kid, potty training, a broken refrigerator, so much laundry, preschool visits, and did I mention the never ending loads of laundry?! But we survived!

We returned last Sunday only to find a brand new unopened gallon of milk had spoiled. We figured it was no big deal we tossed that gallon and bought another, two days later, same thing and more spoiled food. Finally my husband looked into it and realized the fridge wasn’t functioning right and we called for some repairs and guess what?! It wasn’t possible to repair a fridge with a broken compressor because they stopped selling the parts necessary so we ended up buying a new refrigerator this weekend and if we’re spending on one new appliance why not just update all the other appliances as well, right guys?! Which was actually pretty nice, we ended up getting a new microwave and we decided on a nice new stove too! Nothing fancy but definitely a nice change so I’m pretty excited!

Back to the good stuff, it’s Monday, a new day and a new week!  I’ve finally got myself back into a routine of a workout.  It has nothing to do with the New Year and new goals just realizing if I bring a little change in my awful eating habits and exercise I will feel better! I love my body and the fact that this body had two beautiful babies and during our vacation I noticed I just didn’t have the energy like I used to, whether it was climbing up stairs or running through the airport catching flights.  It is my stamina I am more worried about; I need to be able to keep up with my boys! I was doing so well until about Thanksgiving and then it was sporadic workouts and then no workouts until last week. But you know what I’m not going to dwell on the fact that I stopped for weeks and I’m going to keep going strong (now THAT has to do with the New Year and new goals)!!

In 2019 I’m all about staying in the moment. I’ve realized that no matter what the dishes will ultimately get done, the laundry will be folded, and everything else will fall into place.  It’s about enjoying the moment that I’m presently in whether it be stopping to cuddle with my boys for an episode of Peppa Pig or story time cozied up by the fireplace. I’m going to focus a lot more on a healthier lifestyle, which means no more late night munching on chocolate chip cookies and Oreos and doing those daily workouts even if its just 30 min on the treadmill. More so because they make me feel healthier and help me build that stamina! Also, its something I’m doing for me, not the mom in me or the sister or daughter but for just ME!

One of my motivators this week for a workout was a fresh pair of runners and workout clothes. What better way to get motivated than a shopping spree! I’ve linked some of my favorites below. (I think the Nike runners I’ve linked are now out of stock but tons of more options I can link here later)

So here’s my little farewell to 2018! 2018 tested our patience in many ways and brought us so much joy! We officially became homeowners for the very first time, we both grew as individuals, my husbands business took a tremendous positive leap (after of course A LOT of blood and sweat), we made some memorable trips, and enjoyed precious moments of watching our sweet boys grow, I’d also like to think we kind of figured out this parenting thing to a certain extent, we survived the terrible two’s with our oldest son and now we’re on round two with the younger one (all prayers will be appreciate in this department) all in all you’ve been good to us 2018 but we couldn’t be more ready and grateful to see what’s in store for us this coming year! So 2019, bring it on!

We had an epic start to this year with such a memorable trip to Cancun (And because so many of you messaged asking me for information on where we stayed and what we did I have a post coming out this week on our trip with deets on where we stayed, the activities we did, and so much more it’ll make you want to book your very own paradise getaway full of sun, sand, and the ocean!)

Happy Monday, Friends!

Target Gift Guide For Her

Target Gift Guide For Her

I’ve been missing for a couple weeks from the blog just trying to figure out how a lot of the linking of products works and toggling through other changes.  But I’m back now, just in time for all the holiday festivities and I’ve come back to you with an awesome small Gift Guide for all the ladies in your life you know the moms, daughters, sisters, sister-in-laws, teachers, co-workers, or even simply for YOU! I’m guilty (hope the hubby doesn’t read this) I ended up purchasing a couple products from this guide myself! The temptation was strong as I was writing up all the descriptions and linking the items to this post.  And what mom leaves Target without buying something?!

Speaking of linking items, this is my first gift guide and as an avid reader of many blogs on the Internet I always loved seeing the gift guides for the holidays that influencers posted but I never realized how much work is put into putting these guides together and linking the items.  I wanted to thank you all for the support by reading along.  Also, if any of the products are of interest simply click the image link in the grid below and purchase the product.  If you purchase the product through the link I’ve provided I get a small credit for putting this all together! And as a new blogger your support would be greatly appreciated, so Thank You!

Target is always such a great option for budget friendly buys from kitchen necessities, clothing, accessories, or tech gadgets. So here goes it… Here is my Gift Guide for Her… I’ve added a brief description on each item.

Gift Guide For Her

Yankee Candle
Pajama Set
Instant Pot
Womens Cozy Plush Robe
Hello Gorgeous Mug
Faux Fur Slippers
Beats Wireless Headphones
OTK Boots – Target
Wool Duffel Coat – Target

Yankee Candle-  Coming from a Pakistani family where the smell of the curry pretty much seeps into your jackets, clothes and hair I’ve always been paranoid and invested in good scents for the home and Yankee Candle has never disappointed! It smells so crisp and strong enough to cover the smell of curries so this is your buy if you want to gift a candle

Pajama Set- Gilligan & O’Malley is one of the softest set of loungewear that Target carries.  I basically lived in their loungewear and pajamas when I was expecting.

Instant Pot- This sweet thing has been the talk of the town! Meals are prepped way faster. If you have kids and you have to cook meat don’t spend hours thawing the meat and then cooking it. Pressure cookers were always a concern for my mom so she instilled this fear in us and maybe the fact that one bursted in our kitchen when we were kids probably has a little something to do with my fear of them too! But with toddlers around I need something thats safer and a set-and-go and this is just that! It releases the pressure on its own so no time tracking or any hassle!

Sherpa Mittins- Soft and cute! Perfect stocking stuffers too!

Plush Robe- I’m telling you, you can’t go wrong with Gilligan O’ Malley, this robe is so soft and cozy!

Wool Coat- This wool coat is almost a knock off of the one at JCrew. It’s so cute and I love the red color for this time of year. It’s been selling fast!!

Faux Fur Slippers- Yes, Please! Need I say more, faux fur and slippers!! Get a feel of actually walking on cloud nine with these slippers perfect for gifting!

Hello Gorgeous Mug- This is too cute, who wouldn’t want to wake up to a cup of coffee praising them!

Beats Solo Headphone- These are probably the priciest item on this gift guide. Definitely a splurge but so worth the buy! The sound of music on these headphones takes you to a different level. And if you’re a mom like me sometimes you just need a pair of headphones to block it all out so you can binge watch some TV in peace! Best gift my husband got me!!

OTK Boots- I was a little hesitant to try a pair of OTK boots this fall because I am short and another influencer convinced me its okay to be short you can still pull off the style.  But I didn’t want to invest in a pair that was super pricey just in case I didn’t like the style but these ended up being the nicest OTK Boots ever and oh so comfortable!! They are less than $45 right now!!

I hope this little gift guide helps you in finding the perfect gift for the special lady in your life whether it be your mom, mom-in-law, sister, teacher, grandma, etc. I tried to add variety in cost and in the selection of items. This was my first gift guide so comment below and let me know what you think! What are some things on your holiday list this year? Are gift guides helpful to you?

Six Winter Exercise Incentives

Six Winter Exercise Incentives

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving I can’t help but think about the turkey, the cranberry sauce, the stuffing, the mashed potatoes, and all things FOOD! And of course the blessings I have in my life, my kids, my husband, my family, our home, and most importantly our health. In this cycle of life as we like to call it we forget the biggest blessing we have, our health and our bodies. Our bodies are our true home to which our soul belongs. On a daily basis I see so many people on social media platforms striving to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle; Oh so motivating!!

Never have I met a person as motivated as my brother in law. How he manages to be a physician, active philanthropist (pretty much saving the world from Idaho to Nepal), my physician on call 24/7, and not to mention a cancer survivor, he never misses his exercise in the day. He’s the doc I’ll call after googling my symptoms and I’m convinced I have 24 hours to live. A chat with him in my day always inspires me in one way or another he’s always taught me that there’s no such thing as “I can’t” . He’s taught me not just by talking but by his actions and proving to me that in exercise and in life itself it’s all about ‘mind over matter’; If you push yourself and truly believe in something there’s nothing stopping you and that the sky is the limit! I think the man at this point knows a thing or two after all he rode his bike up the Rock of Gibraltar and has done countless marathons!

For me getting to exercise has been a challenge. I don’t want to exercise to lose weight, I want to exercise so I can keep my body healthy, it helps me relieve my stress, and gives me an opportunity to focus on myself.  The summer was great the weather was warmer as the kids napped I’d grab my running shoes and go for a run or a hike. However in this bitter cold weather it’s so hard to step outside and get that push to exercise. Many people suggested a gym however it’s such a hassle to go for a 30 min workout with two kids or to leave them at home and go for a workout; the excuses are never ending.

Here I’ve compiled a list of incentives to keep me exercising despite the dropping temperatures outside.

  1. Invest in good workout shoes/clothes: If I look and feel good I feel energized and excited to get my workout started. Plus there’s nothing more exciting then slipping on a brand new pair of cushy running shoes! …Yes, this ones the shopaholic in me. For me I love graphic and empowering t-shirts and sweatshirts.
  2. Set realistic goals: Start off by going 2-3 days a week rather than pushing yourself to go everyday. Try changing up your workout each week. Setting realistic goals and then once achieving them rewarding yourself to shopping or something fun and spontaneous!
  3. Get your children to exercise with you: If you’re like me and have little children involve them in your workouts. During the summer I did a couple sessions of stroller boot camp.
  4. Inspirational quotes: Inspirational quotes on your mirror or your door help to remind you why exercise is important to you. And they get you moving with a positive attitude first thing in the morning or at least will get you to try! 
  5. Find a workout buddy or join a fitness class: People have sworn by the motivation they get by knowing that someone else will be working out with them. Sometimes even a pet, so maybe it’s time to get that super cute puppy you’ve been dreaming about and hit the trails with your new pal!
  6. Good workout entertainment: A playlist, an audio book, a movie or show, no one said you can’t multitask and binge watch Gilmore Girls while working out or even listen to an audio book or some beats to keep your booty moving!

If you’re like me and are having a tough time finding that motivation to workout this winter I’d love for you to try at least one of these incentives and let me know how they worked for you! I’ll do the same! Challenge myself to at least a workout 2-3 times a week. Why wait for the New Year and another resolution!?! I’d rather start now and have a solid foundation for a healthier New Year come January 2018!!!



Kid-Free Hiking

Kid-Free Hiking

I most certainly haven’t had a chance to post in here as often as I’d intended on doing so. But here’s to at least making it back and getting some fun posts on the blog!

Idaho hasn’t exactly been cooperating with us these past few weeks when it comes to weather. Check out my Instagram page it was snowing just about a week ago!! For the few warm days we’ve had I’ve been making the most of those days by hitting some trails near our home for hiking and walks around town.

I’m not by any means a hiker so small trails are more of what I’ve been doing…it’s a start! We did a family hike last weekend which lead to some amazing views and a great workout! Not to mention some fun photo sessions.

The days I go for a walk or a hike I feel as though I have accomplished something. Sometimes it’s the independent time away from diaper changes and feedings that is a change itself. Having worked for several years and suddenly leaving my career aside to be a stay-at-home mom I feel as though my days and nights are all commingled. But I wouldnt give up being home to see my children grow and excel before my eyes for the world.

Exercise gives me a boost of energy for the day and the little things like my kids tugging and pulling at me through the day don’t seem as irritable. My attitude is more positive and I have more internal energy to get through the days.

Being amongst the valley’s of Idaho and the Rocky Mountains we are so blessed with amazing views at our doorstep. The trails to these mountains lead to jaw dropping views. The views let alone give you a minute to take a deep breadth and just enjoy Mother Nature. This itself is a game changer and helps to release that positive energy!

As the weather warms up and summer days are up ahead I highly encourage you all to hit up some trails for a hike or even a walk.

Here’s to a sunny summer ahead…