Kid’s Gift Guide Ages 2-4

Hey Everyone,

If you’re the ultimate procrastinator and still have gifts to buy for the holidays or a busy mama like me who dreads going to stores with very energetic toddlers you’ve stumbled upon the perfect post. I’ve made this list of a few items that my boys absolutely love playing with at our house so they all are tried and true! I hope you have the best holiday season! I hope that any gift you give sparks joy in their little hearts. And if you’ve already finished your holiday shopping still stick around and read the post these could be great gift ideas throughout the year too!

1.) Magnetic Tiles: These magnetic tiles we have had to order three more sets. If there is one activity that keeps the boys entertained all day it is these magnetic tiles. They can play with these all day building and knocking down structures. It’s amazing to see how creative their minds can get with the right tools and toys. Great way to teach your toddler their colors!

2.) My Plate Board Game: I found this gem at the Children’s Museum’s gift shop in New York City over the summer and I had hidden it from the boys to open on a rainy day where they would need an exciting activity. We got tons of snow for the past couple of weeks and cabin fever was getting to the boys so we pulled out this board game and played as a family. I think our first board game the four of us played together! This was such a fun game and an amazing concept that taught kids to share, the importance of eating healthy, the different food groups, and best of all it sparked so much excitement for my picky eater to try different foods. So if you struggle with a picky eater, this ones a gem!

3.) Kids Kindle: No matter how much I try its impossible to avoid screen time one hundred percent! Raise your hand if you’re a mama that struggles with this department!! You are not alone, mama!!! I try to avoid giving the kids my phone for multiple reasons but the two main ones are that there’s no parental control and I don’t want the screen to crack. This Kindle Fire for kids with the case is SOLID!! I mean throwing down the stairs solid (note* with the case)! Great for travel too!

4.) LEGO Set: You can never go wrong with these they are the perfect activity. Teaches children patience, great for motor skills (any age), and the process of building and completing a lego project is such a proud feeling of achievement.

5.) Kids Easel: My son got one of these for his birthday and he LOVES it. We practice our writing on here, work on letter recognition and even doodling. It’s a great size and compact so great for small spaces too.

6.) Magnetic Calendar: This calendar is so fun. We have learned to be so observant as we update our calendar everyday. This has been a great activity that has helped teach the kids their days of the week and months of the year. It’s also made them familiar with the seasons and learn to observe the weather. They love it and fight over who gets to switch up the magnets.

7.) Shape Sorting Clock: Although they are still little to be able to tell time I love this clock because it incorporates so much more than just time from colors, shapes, and numbers too. First time Rayyan could identify the numbers 1-10 he showed me on this clock (exciting mommy moment I won’t forget). It keeps my two year old busy for a while too when he gets his hands on it, he’ll sit their and sort out the shapes.

8.) KiwiCo Inc.: I’ve raved about these subscription boxes on my insta-stories if you follow along and they are the best! A personalized box for your child that shows up at your doorstep once a month! A box full of amazing activities based on a theme. This month we had medieval times we created a catapult and castle the kids LOVED! Let me add they enjoyed the catapult more than the castle because they shot pompom’s at their Dad when he got home from work; pretty entertaining if you ask me! haha!

What are some toys your toddlers have loved exploring with? I’d love to know I’m always looking for educational toys/activities especially in the colder seasons when outside time is so limited and the days are shorter!

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