Kid’s Gift Guide Ages 2-4

Kid’s Gift Guide Ages 2-4

Hey Everyone,

If you’re the ultimate procrastinator and still have gifts to buy for the holidays or a busy mama like me who dreads going to stores with very energetic toddlers you’ve stumbled upon the perfect post. I’ve made this list of a few items that my boys absolutely love playing with at our house so they all are tried and true! I hope you have the best holiday season! I hope that any gift you give sparks joy in their little hearts. And if you’ve already finished your holiday shopping still stick around and read the post these could be great gift ideas throughout the year too!

1.) Magnetic Tiles: These magnetic tiles we have had to order three more sets. If there is one activity that keeps the boys entertained all day it is these magnetic tiles. They can play with these all day building and knocking down structures. It’s amazing to see how creative their minds can get with the right tools and toys. Great way to teach your toddler their colors!

2.) My Plate Board Game: I found this gem at the Children’s Museum’s gift shop in New York City over the summer and I had hidden it from the boys to open on a rainy day where they would need an exciting activity. We got tons of snow for the past couple of weeks and cabin fever was getting to the boys so we pulled out this board game and played as a family. I think our first board game the four of us played together! This was such a fun game and an amazing concept that taught kids to share, the importance of eating healthy, the different food groups, and best of all it sparked so much excitement for my picky eater to try different foods. So if you struggle with a picky eater, this ones a gem!

3.) Kids Kindle: No matter how much I try its impossible to avoid screen time one hundred percent! Raise your hand if you’re a mama that struggles with this department!! You are not alone, mama!!! I try to avoid giving the kids my phone for multiple reasons but the two main ones are that there’s no parental control and I don’t want the screen to crack. This Kindle Fire for kids with the case is SOLID!! I mean throwing down the stairs solid (note* with the case)! Great for travel too!

4.) LEGO Set: You can never go wrong with these they are the perfect activity. Teaches children patience, great for motor skills (any age), and the process of building and completing a lego project is such a proud feeling of achievement.

5.) Kids Easel: My son got one of these for his birthday and he LOVES it. We practice our writing on here, work on letter recognition and even doodling. It’s a great size and compact so great for small spaces too.

6.) Magnetic Calendar: This calendar is so fun. We have learned to be so observant as we update our calendar everyday. This has been a great activity that has helped teach the kids their days of the week and months of the year. It’s also made them familiar with the seasons and learn to observe the weather. They love it and fight over who gets to switch up the magnets.

7.) Shape Sorting Clock: Although they are still little to be able to tell time I love this clock because it incorporates so much more than just time from colors, shapes, and numbers too. First time Rayyan could identify the numbers 1-10 he showed me on this clock (exciting mommy moment I won’t forget). It keeps my two year old busy for a while too when he gets his hands on it, he’ll sit their and sort out the shapes.

8.) KiwiCo Inc.: I’ve raved about these subscription boxes on my insta-stories if you follow along and they are the best! A personalized box for your child that shows up at your doorstep once a month! A box full of amazing activities based on a theme. This month we had medieval times we created a catapult and castle the kids LOVED! Let me add they enjoyed the catapult more than the castle because they shot pompom’s at their Dad when he got home from work; pretty entertaining if you ask me! haha!

What are some toys your toddlers have loved exploring with? I’d love to know I’m always looking for educational toys/activities especially in the colder seasons when outside time is so limited and the days are shorter!

Joggers for Life

Joggers for Life

I jump with joy the days I can just get a few minutes to myself.  Things around here with toddler boys can sometimes get a little haywire.  I went to moms yesterday and the boys missed their naps by about 5pm my mom was having her anxiety kick in because the kids were literally running and jumping off the walls. The beauty of missing their naps was they were knocked out and asleep by 7pm sharp! I snuck in a nap once they fell asleep which was so refreshing!

We were hit with a bit of rain and some flurries yesterday but that didn’t stop us from hitting the polls! I loved seeing all the posts on everyone stepping out and getting their voice heard! As the weather gets colder we moms still have to step out for early morning school drop-offs or errands and there’s nothing like having a pair of joggers to add to your momiform to keep things warm and cozy. I just had to pop in and share the sweetest deal on the coziest Alternative joggers ever!


(To purchase simply click on either of the images below and buy yourself a pair, there are more colors and prints you can select from once you click the image)

These joggers fit snug like a glove and to add to their comfort they are SOFT!! They have a slim fit to them and they do tend to shrink just a little after the first wash. Initially I bought these joggers in a medium because many reviews said they run small but the medium gave me a loser fit whereas the small size was more snug. I prefer to wear joggers a little more snug (I’m about 5 feet and wear a size 24 or 25).  I love these joggers so much that I have four pairs!!

My first initial find for the Alternative jogger was at Nordstrom but they were priced at $54.  Until I found them on Amazon for less than $25!!!! Sweet deals like this make me jump with joy!!! I’ve linked the Alternative joggers here.  They come in different colors and even a fun camo print (*note pricing varies on amazon based on the print/color you select).  As the weather is getting cooler all of us moms can use a cozy pair of joggers to cozy up by the fireplace or slip them on in the crisp cold mornings when we have to drop the kids off to school. Don’t miss out on this deal! To purchase simply click the image/link and buy your pair now!

As the holidays approach I’m excited to share more styles and deals with you so stay tuned with me I’ll be posting more updates on sales and discounts!

Monday Musings

Monday Musings

We survived last weeks sugar high. Halloween was a success we managed to cover just our street and it was good enough for the boys to get an idea of trick-or-treating. Ray woke up at 7 am the next day thinking it’s going to be Halloween everyday and insisting on going trick-or-treating.  That took some explaining but I think he gets that Halloween is just once a year! JJ is still obsessed with all the Halloween nursery rhymes and keeps asking me to play “Punkin Halloween” (5 Little Pumpkins).

The weekend flew right before our eyes as we had spurs of pouring rain and then some sun.  A little snow in the higher altitude regions lead to a beautiful view of snow-capped mountains this got me all excited about the holidays and I started getting ideas of holiday décor for our home I have a post coming this week of some of my favorite Amazon deals.  I am way eager to get a tree up and start decorating but I’ll wait for another couple weeks. As for now…I want to dive into some recipe books and get some delicious recipes out before Thanksgiving!

Every year for the past couple years as tradition my husband and my sister both cook a thanksgiving turkey.  My husband loves to marinate his Turkey with our traditional spices he loves to give it a very traditional Pakistani taste.  My sister on the other hand cooks her Turkey with a classic American marination she has a special recipe she hasn’t shared but she does the whole shebang with mouth watering stuffing and cranberry sauce. Both Turkeys are devoured!!

I love to get into the Thanksgiving spirit by some holiday decor, kitchen essentials, and making sure the kids enjoy the holiday as well. My little Ray loves to help in the kitchen and so I’ve linked some of my favorite items for toddlers and kitchen must-haves for the food festivities found on Amazon! And if you’re a prime member on Amazon you can get free two day delivery which is amazing! Since becoming a prime member I’ve been so spoiled standard delivery at many retail stores takes 5-7 business days which seems like a lifetime away after you’ve reaped the benefits of being a Amazon Prime member!

Here is my roundup of Amazons must-haves for Thanksgiving (you can simply click on any item and purchase)…

Here is my roundup of Amazons Thanksgiving must-haves for your toddler! These fun must-haves will keep them entertained and help them join you in the cooking fun!! (to purchase any of the items simply click on the images and purchase)

What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions? What are some of the items you find necessary on Thanksgiving day in the kitchen? Feel free to share in the comments below.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! How many of you have started decorating for Christmas already?

Happy Fall Ya’ll

Happy Fall Ya’ll

It’s been a hectic past few months from music classes, soccer practices, a nephew off to college, my sister breaking a foot, and fall shenanigans we’ve been super busy! I’ll give myself some credit I’ve been doing a lot better in the Instagram department so check out my instagram page too!

A week before my first nephew was to head off to college my sister broke her foot in August. This sister is seriously my lifesaver every time I need anything she’s always there from being by my side through delivering my babies to the littlest things such as running out to pick up milk and eggs from the grocery store for me.  She’s my rock and so when she went out of commission due to her broken foot I knew I had to step up my game and be there for her.  From being her on call ‘chauffeur’ to making sure she had a home cooked meal delivered to her I made sure I was there for her every time she needed me.  It’s been a long past couple months but she’s finally recovered and walking on both feet again after a foot surgery and two months of crutches, a scooter, physical therapy and sliding from place to place she’s finally driving again!

Aside from that, my two-year-old Ray started soccer this season.  That has been an interesting experience.  He’s so good at playing at home but when it comes to practice or games he wants mommy to be there with him the entire time. Yes even on game day, on the field, holding his hand as he scores his goal. I went in with the hopes of being the crazy soccer mom rooting for my boy from the sidelines, but nope we stepped it up a notch and mommy is actually on the field all while holding my one year old on my other arm.  But coach says he’s only two so it’s okay he’ll ease into the game right now it’s all about introducing the game and basic rules. Soccer seasons almost over and I’m looking into winter sports now…skiing!?!

I love every moment of this season as the weather is getting cooler and all the fall vibes are present.  I absolutely love to wear vests during this time of year. My oldest niece says “Khala (Aunt) everyone goes through a vest phase in life you’re just still not over yours” I couldn’t agree more with her though!


This blue puffer vest is from Zara and I bought it last year.  I love this one it is so light yet the perfect second layer for this time of year when the weather is cooler in the morning but somewhat warms down in the afternoon.  We live in Idaho though so the weather is really unpredictable it could be sunny one moment and a snowstorm the next.  Did you guys see the hint of snow we got last weekend!!! Aye, I think this is just the calm before the super cold weather ahead! But it’s okay because cold days mean more snuggles by the fireplace and lots more cozy sweatshirts and sweaters.

And I have to share the steal deal I got on this plaid shirt.  Nothing yells Fall in an attire like a plaid shirt so I saw this one on Nordstrom’s website and I was so excited to buy it until I found out it was SOLD OUT! And so I eagerly checked to see if it would come back in stock, no luck yet! And as I was taking my stroll in TJMaxx a few weeks ago I spotted the same exact shirt from Lucky Brand and for almost $15 less than the price marked on Nordstrom so I grabbed it because well you can’t skip a sweet deal like that!

PC: Amanda Hope Films and Photos

Here’s another puffer vest I absolutely love I actually wore this one in my last pregnancy.  It’s runs a little bigger in size that’s a small in size that I’m wearing and I love the red color, this vest is from JCrew.  JCrew has a strong vest game with a variety in color offered and styles plus the quality of their vests is amazing! Definitely worth the purchase! I thought this was a fun outfit to put together as we headed to the pumpkin patch today.

We’re trying to get full into the Fall and Halloween festivities around here as the fall décor is up, cozy sweaters are out, and all things pumpkin spice are around. How are you celebrating the change of season?  Are there any particular traditions you have for this time of year? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Happy Fall Ya’ll!